Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kristen Stewart latest news: Photos show Kristen with girlfriend, media questions sexuality (videos)

Kristen Stewart likes her privacy and greatly dislikes paparazzi. That's a well known fact. Now, it appears that Stewart is having a hard time keeping her private life under wraps while the media continues to question her sexuality. Is it that Stewart was caught in the midst of a photo scandal with
Camp X-Ray
former direct Rupert Sanders, that the media feels she is "open game?"

Stewart has been portrayed as the young innocent girl who fell in love with co-star Robert Pattinson, to the scheming adulterer who ensnared her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director in an illicit affair, to the woman who publicly apologized to ex Robert Pattinson, and is now under scrutiny as rumors regarding her sexuality persist.

X17 published photos of Stewart in a vehicle with a long-haired girl and wrote the caption, "Is this Kristen Stewart's Hot New Girlfriend?"

Another photo gallery collected by X 17 is titled, "Kristen Stewart Looks Like a Teenage Boy." To say comments like these are not only rude but are potentially hurtful is an understatement.

Do you think it is fair for Kristen Stewart to be under such intense scrutiny regarding her personal, private life and sexuality? Do you think it's odd that the media makes a bid deal in revealing if someone's gay, but never follows people around to insist whether they are straight? If a publicly known gay person was seen in a car with a member of the opposite gender, would such a comment be made?

For example, if Ellen DeGeneres was photographed in a car with a man wearing a baseball cap, while she changed the radio station, would headlines read, "Is this Ellen's Sexy New Boyfriend?" How about if Neil Patrick Harris had been photographed in a car with a 60-year-old woman. Would headlines read, "Is this Neil Patrick Harris' Cougar?"

My point is if women who are "exposed" in sexual scandals are then seen as "sexually promiscuous and "fair game," thereby becoming more scrutinized.

For some reason, I suspect that if Ellen or Neil Patrick Harris were in a car with Stewart's passenger, the headlines would read differently.

Kristen Stewart may or may not be gay. She may or may not be bi. She may or may not be bi curious. She may or may not be straighter than a ruler's edge. We don't know. But it does seem a very negative thing to post photos of Stewart and continually insinuate that she is a lesbian, especially after hounding her for the Rupert Sanders photos.


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