Friday, October 19, 2012

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in separate hotel rooms for Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn tour (videos)

The newest report comes from Radar Online and suggests that Summit Entertainment booked separate hotel rooms for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as they embark upon their promotional tour for the “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.” We’re not certain this information necessarily indicates trouble ahead for the couple. It’s most likely just a way for Summit to protect their interests and ensure they don’t have any rocky moments ahead. Of course, Kristen and Robert can spend as much time as they want together, it’s a free country. The separate hotel rooms are probably a smart move and one that will ensure any future relationship issues between the couple won’t threaten the promotional tour. Both Stewart and Pattinson are legally obligated to promote the last film, regardless of their personal issues or feelings.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had one of Hollywood’s most beloved romances. Stewart is 22 and Pattinson is 26. The couple met four years ago, while filming the first Twilight film. Photographers continually snapped photos of the pair dining together, kissing in taxicabs, and spending one-on-one time together. Twi-Hards were delighted that Edwards and Bella had brought their love into the real world, however, all that changed in July 2012.

Us Weekly caught Stewart and director Rupert Sanders in a series of intimate poses and published the photos in their magazine. Scandals aren’t uncommon and it’s often been practice for celebrities to deny infidelity or simply ignore it. Kristen didn’t ignore the situation.

Instead, she released a public admission and apology to People Magazine where she declared her love for Robert and begged for his forgiveness. What followed afterwards was a media frenzy following both actors to determine whether a reunion was in sight.

In September, 2012, People Magazine confirmed that Stewart and Pattinson had officially reunited and the first photos and video of the couple together appeared on the weekend of October 13-14. Thought Kristen and Robert appear to have mended their ways, sources continue to state the couple deals with trust issues, most specifically on Robert Pattinson’s part. As they continue to work through the infidelity and give their love another try, Robert Pattinson is taking things slowly, sources say. He doesn’t want to rush into a situation where he gets his heart broken again. Other reports indicate that Robert was going to propose to Kristen but his plans were thwarted once the news of the affair went public.

Whether they have separate hotel rooms or not, we’re happy they will be together to promote Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

What do you think about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson together again? Do you think their love can stand the test of time or do you think they are doomed by the Hollywood curse? Most Hollywood relationships are doomed to failure and for all intents and purposes, Kristen and Robert have already had a lengthy Hollywood relationship. Four years is nothing to smirk at when you’re talking Hollywood.

Kristen was only 18-years-old when she started dating Robert so, though it’s possible the two could remain mated for life, the odds are not in their favor.

But one thing I want to know is what was 41-year-old Sanders doing with Stewart in the first place? A lot of fans have blamed Kristen for cheating on Robert but I don’t see it that way. I mean, here she is, working for Sanders (contracted none-the-less), and obligated to fulfill the role. If he made advances towards her, what is she going to do? Say no? Hit, kick, push him away and threaten to tell his wife? I think it’s a double standard that Kristen was portrayed as an evil vixen while Sanders essentially got off scot-free. Sanders should be held accountable to his wife and children and should learn to keep his hands off twenty-something female leads starring in his films.

This could be a case of sexual harassment and Kristen Stewart is taking the fall for it. Who knows what the truth of their relationship is.

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