Friday, November 2, 2012

Kristen Stewart was very ‘lucky’ to play Bella

During a November 1, 2012 press conference in Los Angeles, California, Kristen Stewart stated she was very lucky to play Bella in the “Twilight” saga. Stewart first appeared in the film in 2008 and has explored the dynamics of the character as she transforms from an everyday, high-school teen who has the distinct misfortune of falling in love with a vampire to an animalistic, vampire mother willing to defend house and home against the undead. Stewart talked of how the vampires created by Stephenie Meyer are simply an “enhanced” version of their human counterparts. Each vampire in the series retains characteristics and traits they possessed before losing their humanity in exchange for eternal life.

Stewart said that her vampire Bella was just a stronger, more enhanced version of the human Bella character she has developed for four years.

Stewart also addressed if she had any idea how huge the entire “Twilight” phenomenon would become. Stewart said that as the phenomenon that is “Twilight” continues to grow, she isn’t sure when she would have realized just how big it was. She did say, however, that when she went to Comic-Con, she felt what she described as a “human wave of energy.” She stated, “This is not a normal movie.”

Check out the full video of Kristen Stewart’s press junket from November 1, 2012 below.

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