Sunday, December 23, 2012

Robert Pattinson spotted at New York airport with guitar and possibly Kristen Stewart’s jacket

While the Internet is abuzz with new videos and photos showing Robert Pattinson wearing a black jacket with floral lining, and the speculation it was either a present from girlfriend Kristen Stewart or her jacket, I was more interested in the fact that Robert Pattinson had his guitar on the road with him.

Robert Pattinson was reportedly in New York sans Kristen Stewart filming a new commerical for Dior. Did he need the guitar for the commercial? I can’t tell you how thrilled I would be if Robert sang in his commercial. He has a wonderful voice and I’d love to see Robert’s musical career take off to new heights.

Even if he doesn’t play a soulful tune in the commercial, it is interesting to see him with the guitar. Did he play somewhere besides the hotel room he was hiding out in (reportedly the Waldorf)?

What do you think about Robert and the jacket? Do you think it’s a big deal? Do you think it looks feminine? Can a man wear floral patterns in his lining if he wants? You can see the jacket and guitar in the video player below.

Another thing about Robert Pattinson that I have to mention. That guy is so sweet about singing autographs. Here he is, walking through an airport with lights flashing, people surrounding him, carrying his guitar, and with his free hand, he signs autographs for fans.

What a guy, floral, feminine clothes or not!

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